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Game Info

Platform:  Windows

Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Multiplayer:  Yes

Publisher:  Ubisoft®

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Description & Game Features

Since the first game of the award-winning building strategy series THE SETTLERS was released in 1993, the game has brought lots of fun, suspense and tricky challenges to many homes. THE SETTLERS GOLD EDITION packs together the award winning game THE SETTLERS 7 – PATHS TO A KINGDOM and all of its extensions ever released.

THE SETTLERS 7 – PATHS TO A KINGDOM recreates the building of a kingdom set in the early Renaissance period in a rich, wild, beautiful, and mostly empty middle-European world of lush forests, open meadows, fast flowing rivers, and high mountains.

Based on strong game mechanics, deep gameplay and the foundations of the highly acclaimed Settlers games, you will easily become engaged in the exciting campaign, skirmish maps or multi-player challenges.

An innovative victory point system and 3 different ways to play give you a lot of variety to build up your blossoming kingdom.

Enjoy the award winning game of 2010 in its most complete edition to date with all three downloadable contents (DLC) included on the disc, offering hours of additional gameplay in both single and multiplayer.

Key Features

  • Enjoy deep and rich building & production systems encouraged by the classic Settlers games
  • Create a kingdom with fortified towns and small villages where your Settlers produce goods for you. Expand your realm village by village, sector by sector.
  • Play the game different ways:
    • Build strong armies and defeat your opponents by shear military power.
    • Increase your influence in the monasteries to get access to the most attractive technologies.
    • Occupy the best trade routes to become the richest player on the map.
  • The new victory point system brings more tension and competition! Victory points are awarded in many different ways, and each map becomes a fascinating race.
    • Conquering map sectors
    • Having the biggest army
    • Occupying the most trade routes
    • Researching technology
    • Become the richest kingdom
    • Etc.
  • Enjoy a new graphics engine that lets you experience the beauty of your realm in an unseen level of detail.
  • AI opponents will challenge you in a thrilling campaign and in the fully customizable sandbox mode. Online and offline you can play with friends and or AI players. Ladders, clans and team play are supported.
  • Settlers 7 is a game you can play in many different ways. By unlocking many new items and using the map forge, you can create your very own Settlers experience, adjusting victory points, AI profiles and much more.
  • Play it fast-paced and thrilling or slow-paced and relaxed – whatever suits your style.
  • Take the most of all three downloadable content packs included on this Gold Edition and offering 7 brand new single player maps for over 20h of gameplay as well as 6 multiplayer maps, new events and buildings.

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PC System Requirements

  • OS : Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista (SP2) / Windows 7

  • CPU: 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP 3000+

  • Memory: 2 Gb

  • Video Memory: 256 Mb Pixel Shader 3.0